“I hear the voice,
It’s the voice of the One I love.
He’s calling my name.
I hear the voice,
It’s the voice of the One I love.
He’s calling my name.
Saying, ‘Come up higher,
And hear the angels sing.
Come up higher, my beloved.
Come up higher and leave this world behind.
You’ll find it to be beautiful.’

I am running
Running after you.
You’ve become my soul’s delight.
I am running
Running after you.
Here with you I find my life.”

Things have changed.

Not that I haven’t lived my life to follow after God….I just feel a call to something deeper. Not just to fall in line and follow somewhere off in the crowd.

I want to know Him. A mediocre walk will not suit me. A typical relationship is not what I want. I am not satisfied with mere lip-service. I am not “all talk.” At least I have no desire to be.

Oddly enough it seems that so often we claim to have a relationship with God. We claim to be followers of Christ, only to suddenly find ourselves standing alone……simply because we stopped walking. I don’t think it’s because we necessarily intended to stop, we just got caught up in “now” and forgot to keep our eyes on what is to come. You cease to follow someone when you’re no longer moving. Stagnant water has no movement.

I have resolved within myself to run. Run with all that is within me.

Runners often strip themselves of any unnecessary weights so that they may run unencumbered. We are runners. The question is, are we running unencumbered? It does not necessarily have to be sin that is holding us back. If it is not, we could be weighted by culture…by tradition. Could it be unresolved issues in my heart such as anger, fear, insecurity, or jealousy? Such things can often hold us back from greatness in God.

What is holding you back?

I cannot be comfortable in simply running after God’s blessings without ever running after God. I desire to know not only God’s works, but God’s ways. I want to know where He lives, so to speak. It is not enough to simply know about God. I want to know Him. It’s not just a casual request, it is a hunger.

….to know and follow hard after thee, O God!

“Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air. But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection….” 1 Corinthians 9:26-27


2 thoughts on “running.

  1. Awesome !! Loved the scripture at the end. Loved that we are runners but are we running unencumbered… Very well said

    Love you

  2. :) this makes me happy. I love it all – and it’s so true. Often times we do get caught up in the talk that we do find ourselves standing solo. It’s what you do in those moments that truly define who you are. What do you do after reality hits?!
    Love you, Friend.

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