forks & mexican food.

Mexican food is yummy goodness.

While living in Texas, I seemed to partake in it more…..but even in my experience here, there is one common factor.

I always get the fork that has apparently been mangled by the garbage disposal.

The tines are bent up and facing every way but straight. Of course, I never realize until after the first bite. It’s during this time that the roof of my mouth is assaulted and stabbed. Either that or my lips are cut by the rough edges.

What I begin to wonder is if the last person who used my fork was missing a few teeth and mangled the fork with their poor dental work. And because I have ADHD, this sends my easily distracted mind on a wild journey of the imagination. I then begin thinking that some “snaggle-toothed” person with poor dental hygiene had their mouth on the fork that just recently left mine.

It’s at this time that I begin to think of all the reasons I can to begin carrying a personal silverware set in my purse. I could market that, you know. All of these cute little carrying cases of every design with your very own personal silverware setting within. Just slip it in your purse…use it at the appropriate time, and when you’re done you can slip it into the plastic bag (for neatness), place it back in the pouch and drop it in your purse. Ta-da!

Crisis avoided.

Of course, the fork will undoubtedly get bent up while being toted in my massive purse. I’ll pull it out, use it and realize that I’m back at square one.

What a vicious cycle.


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