can i keep him?

Disclaimer:  I know this does not apply to everyone, but it does to most.  Apologies if you don’t identify. ;)

What is it that gives dogs such an overwhelming power over people?

Man’s best friend.  So I’ve heard all my life.  Amazing how these four-legged creatures have almost become a necessity in every home.

I grew up in that very home.  With my parents being divorced, I had two houses with dogs.  We always had a dog.  I was the owner of my first when I was just two years old.  A German Shepherd.  According to my mom, her registered name was “Amber’s Little Heidi.”   Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about her.

This was the beginning of a love that I would never lose.  Dogs.  I love the companionship.  I love naming them.  Whether it was from my favorite television show or food….  One dog was named Murdock by my brother and I.  We were huge fans of the A-Team. Another was Oreo for obvious reasons.

My father was a rancher, so we always had more than enough room for dogs at his house.  I recall having 13 dogs at one time between my mom’s house and dad’s.  Of course several of those were dad’s hunting dogs.

I am now under the mindset that a home is not complete without a furry, tail-wagging friend.

My husband, not so much.  How we managed to exchange vows without me realizing this, I’m not sure.  Don’t get me wrong.  He doesn’t hate dogs.  He also doesn’t need them like I do.

Poor guy.  I see a dog without a home and suddenly I am the advocate for dogs everywhere.  No questions.  They now have a home with me.  Whether it be on the side of the road or at the pound.  I frequented the local animal shelter…just to visit.  I’m such a sap.  Deep down, I’ve always wanted to own a private animal shelter.

When we lived in Texas out in the country, strays were always dumped on our road.  If I found them, I led them to the house and fed them immediately, explaining to the mister that if they stayed for two days, they got a name and a collar. We owned a dog just before we left Texas.  He was beautiful.  A registered Siberian Husky named Zander.  I loved my Zan-Man.  But he was stolen.  It broke my heart.

Now I’m in California.  I no longer live in the country with land.  I live in town where I can’t even have a dog if I wanted one.  What’s wrong with this picture?  I’m dying.  I need a dog lover who wants to permanently board a dog for me. So I can visit and play.  haha

Until then, I’ll have to settle with a fish.


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